Enjoy this Summer at Udaipur with a stay at "Hotel The Rising"

In the heart of Udaipur, in one of the most royal cities, right in the middle of mountains, lies the "Hotel the rising", most famous for it’s easy going staff and vacation you’ll never forget…

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Best hotels in Udaipur. "Hotel The Rising", Udaipur, rooms with decorations for guests. We offer the rooms of the honeymoon-suites, Deluxe and Super Deluxe Rooms, the rooms is very Comfortable and shiny. Reception is open 24 hours to answer your requests. The staff of our hotel is responsible for the hospitality and unparalleled services that guarantee the guests a relaxing stay. Test the flavors of our Restaurant, the rooftop restaurant of our hotel. Delicious in the starry nights. Feast eyes on the spectacular views. Hotel the rising is near to udaipur airport

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Hotel The Rising is located at 2 km from Airport with Rooftop swimming pool.which offers a panoramic view. Conceptualized, designed, created and run by Mr.Udaiji Dangi and his son Mr.Mukesh, Hotel The Rising is a superbly modern hotel, which pampers you with all the facilities, amenities and luxuries as he has expertise in Construction and Real Estate for past 20 years.While Hotel The Rising is modern at heart, the owners have made every effort to incorporate all those architectural and decorative features that make living in the city of Udaipur a pleasure.